You need to store your grains for

6-12 months without losses until the price is right 

We're launching an app soon to help you better monitor your grains. 

Hurry up! Only 1000 spots are available.

The only thing you need to use for this app is your mobile phone!

No need to buy anything, just use your existing hardware.

Is this product right for you?

We know how tough it is to protect your grains and what a perishable product it is

Paper reports

It's not effective to write down temperature values on paper

On-site access

Are you tired of going to the farm just to check the temperature reports

Directia Sanitar Veterinara

Creating all kind of reports by hand on paper is a total waste of time


Your papers can get damaged by rain or even blown away when it's windy

Forgot temperature readings? 

You're busy, it's easy to forget about the sensors

Multiple locations

Collecting data from multiple locations is difficult

This is why we're creating this app

So that you gain peace of mind

Enter data in the app directly

Instead of writing all the values on paper you can simply use your smartphone to insert data digitally in the app.

Check values remotely

After saving the values these will be saved in the database so that you can access them with ease, anywhere your and from any device.

Print reports in one click

With just one simple click you can print DSV reports from yesterday or even last year and avoid unnecessary fines

In-app reports and analytics

It's very easy to sport any hot point by just looking at temperature charts

Centralized Remote Access

Having one or more silo bases, access your data securely form anywhere

Real time alerts

Constant reminder to check temperature changes 

Sounds Good? Let's Team-Up!

What's the catch? Why 1000 FREE downloads?

  • We need you to have patience as we get the first version built
  • Give us feedback to improve the app
  • In case you like it, recommend us further to your friends or just leave us a testimonial
  • Be part of our success story

Frequently asked questions

Is it really free?

Yes, you don't have to buy any product, use the existing sensors and the measuring devices you already have. Instead of noting the values on paper you can enter them in the application history.

Can it be installed on any mobile phone?

Yes, the application will be designed to be accessed from phones running Android, iOS and from the computer using any web browser.

How can we give feedback?

We will create discussion groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp or any other platform through which we can easily communicate. We can also talk directly, by email or phone.

What can I do if my sensors are not working?

In this case, we can discuss in particular and there is the possibility to help you repair or replace them. If necessary, you can request a personalized price offer.

I do not have a smart phone. What can I do?

You can use an office computer to enter values into the application, just as you do on your mobile phone. The application can run on the weakest phones, so you can buy one as cheap as possible.