Silo Monitoring and Automation Solutions

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  • Temperature monitoring
  • Aeration automation
  • Condensation prevention

Everything to preserve the product

Temperature monitoring

Temperature is crucial for the preservation of your grains stored in silos. Any temperature raise of 3-5 degrees indicates there is an infestation. Old school manual readings take a lot of time and human errors might appear.

Our system automatically reads temperature values every minute even for large silos, creates analytics reports so that you can see the heat evolution in a snap.

If needed, we can generate personalized reports, very helpful also for Food Safety Authorities, without the need to go to your silo base; one click and it’s done, no more paper work.

Aeration automation system

In order to preserve the product, you need to keep the temperature as low as possible. For this, you can aerate during the night when the air temperature is the lowest but also the riskiest period due to increased relative humidity raising in the morning.

Improper ventilation can cause high moisture in the lower level of the stored product, causing fermentation or large lumps that block, or even destroy the extraction system situated under the floor.

Our smart automatic cooling algorithm monitors all sensors and the weather forcast to predict when it will be optimal to ventilate. It does this in a safe manner, avoiding excessive ventilation in order to reduce the moisture / weight loss, maximizing profits.

Preventing condensation on the ceiling

The condensation phenomenon occurs when hot air reaches a cold surface and the humidity is high enough such that any excess water in the air changes into liquid. This may happen during aeration, when the air that gets warmed up by passing through the product during cold weather and the temperature difference between this and the rooftop of the silo exceeds a threshold called the dew point.

By employing special temperature and humidity sensors mounted on the ceiling, we can detect when this is likely to happen and automatically stop the ventilation process before the stored product suffers any damage on upper layers or on sides.

Cloud-based, web application

Everything can me monitored / controlled from a cloud-based web application, accessible from any device (e.g. mobile phones, laptops), everywhere an Internet connection is available.

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